What’s Going On Here?

Wha happen?  I busted up the look of this blog and we’re going back to basics ’round here.

I have been using my old theme for over two years now, and it was starting to look a little…dated. Dated and booooooring.  I’d like to show the internets that I have a little more classy style than that.

I’m also trying to learn  enough about CSS to make a custom look for this blog.   In an effort to make this easier, I’ve switched over to this very basic theme called Clean Home.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be making small changes to stylize site bit by bit.  If you see broken shit all over the place, bear with me for a little while.

But never fear!  I’ll keep posting in the meantime.  Mundane household projects and self-indulgent reflections on my wedding!  I know…you’re so EXCITED.


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