Wedding Photo Book

When I was shopping around for a photographer for our wedding, I thought it was weird that they all wanted to charge me for some kind of package that included prints and albums.  They thought it was strange that the only deliverable I wanted was a disc with all of the full resolution images.

In this day and age I think you’re a sucker to pay for prints and old fashioned wedding albums from your photographer.  I know they’re professionals, and the prints they make for you will be of the utmost quality.  But really, come on, they’re not even shooting film!  It’s all pixels.  You’re paying for the photographer’s expertise with lighting, framing, and capturing the best images possible through his mucho-expensive lenses.  Once the digital image is produced, I felt like I could take it from there.

From about 4 hours of shooting at the wedding, I received a disc with about 225 pictures that made my photographer’s cut.  They were all spectacular in quality.

From there I made a Flikr set with 154 of them so I could immediately share the entire album with our families.  I uploaded a smaller selection of about 40 photos to Facebook.  And of course shared a few of them here on my blog.

I also wanted a little something tangible for us to keep, but especially to share with our parents who are not as savvy with the digital formats.  So I started exploring the options for custom photo books.

Out of a few different options, I landed on using MyPublisher because it seemed to give you the most freedom with layouts and because they were running a two-for-one special.  With this special we were able to get 4 copies of our custom hardcover book for $135.

MyPublisher makes you download a little page-builder application.  It’s very quick to use because since it’s working off your desktop, you don’t have to upload your photos until you’re done designing.  You also have the freedom to use any fonts and colors that you’re into.

I kept ours simple with either black or white backgrounds, and used minimal words or captions.

I still plan to get a few prints made from Snapfish or Walgreens or wherever, but I’ve got all the time in the world to decide how many, which ones, what sizes, etc.  In the meantime, this book is a nice tangible physical application for a set of beautiful pictures.

I’d love to do the same thing in the future with travel photos, or even just a “year in review” type thing like this example also made using MyPublisher.


One thought on “Wedding Photo Book

  1. Cute! I use Picaboo for similar stuff, including my cookbook, but I had a groupon and overall found them to be kinda pricey. I will check out MyPublisher next time I do one of these.

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