Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelets

Last summer I got the friendship bracelet fever. It was all the rage, don’t you know? I had to re-learn all the techniques I perfected back in the fifth grade.  But of the many that I constructed back in 2011, this simple fishtail braid wrap bracelet has been on my right wrist almost every day since (along with an orange hair elastic).

I liked this one the best because with just one piece you get a delightfully layered look, plus it’s secured with just one solid knot.  You don’t have to worry about some kind of clumsy twisted knot closure, or having to tie and untie a knot every night. Instead, this is just one long circle that I loop around my wrist five times.

You can see in the picture above that it’s starting to get a little frayed, so with the summer-like weather we’ve been having, I grabbed some DMC embroidery floss and got to work on some new ones.

It’s real easy.  There are plenty of other tutorials out there (here, here, and here for example), not that I’d even call this a tutorial, but whatever.  I think this wrap bracelet looks best kept thin with just six total strands.  Of course there are MANY variations you could try.

I start out with six long strands, each about 4 feet long.  Because they’re so unwieldy at first, I tie them each into a little bundle at the end to keep them from getting twisted.  Once you get a rhythm going and start making progress, it’s usually easier to un-bundle them.

Separate the strands out to where there is three on each side. Then take the outside strand from the right side and bring it over to make it the inside strand on the left side.  Then take the outside strand of the left side and make it the inside strand of the right side.

Once you get the hang of it you don’t really have to lay the strands out flat like this.  You can sort of do it all in your hands.  So you just keep going…. and the next thing you know you’ve watched four on-demand episodes of Mob Wives, and you’ve got a long-ass braid!

From here you just tie one tight knot to make a real big loop, then wrap it around your wrist as many times as it’ll go comfortably.  This one happened to make a six-loop circuit around my tiny wrist.

On Saturday’s trip to Hobby Lobby, I also discovered that DMC makes NEON embroidery floss. Sooooo…. I had to buy some.

Yep, I made another one of these babies in highlighter yellow and white.  It’s pretty loud, but damn, doesn’t it look good with that black and white pillow?


3 thoughts on “Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelets

  1. Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only dork out there still making friendship bracelets. And your pillow system looks easier on the back than the ol’ safety-pin-on-your-sock method which is how we did it back in the day (you know, so you can tuck it into your sock when the bell rings.)

    My goal is to get good enough to do the kind with pictures and letters in them. If only.

  2. cool! i would do this but i’m afraid it would be another thing i buy a ton of supplies to start doing and then give up or forget about it! Maybe I’ll allow myself just two colors of thread to get started…

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