Simple Large-Scale Painting

It’s been over nine months since we painted the walls in the downstairs bedroom, and I’ve yet to hang up any art.  I’ve got a few pieces on deck all framed and ready to go, but I’m undecided on placement.  So as a stalling mechanism, I decided to make something on the cheap to hang over the headboard.

I was inspired by this idea to create something “simple but striking” on my own to hang over the bed.  I do quite like the stark black and white look of hers, but wanted to tie in the magenta and blue/teal-ish colors I have going on in the room so far.

Now, please note that I don’t fancy myself an artist.  Sometimes I just like digging out the old paints from college and having a go at it.

I started out with a large pre-gessoed canvas ($24.99 at Hobby Lobby, sadly it was not half-off week on canvases).  Then I slopped on some pinky-orangey tones on one side and some bluey-greeney tones on the other side to serve as a “background”.

Then I made a tape line about five inches from the bottom of the canvas and used the black brushstrokes approach from zee inspiration painting.

But I wasn’t really digging it.  The blue area at the bottom just seemed like a disjointed afterthought.  So I made a straight black band across the bottom.

….And I still wasn’t really feeling it.  Now it just looked like a piece of electrical tape stretched across the bottom.  Squares!  Let’s make some squares out of it!

Errr, oops.  That was supposed to be grid of seven 4″x4″ squares.  My “measurements” were off.  Let’s blame it on the whiskey I was drinking during this process.  Better make that look intentional.

Eh, still a little weird.

Okay, there we go, I can live with that.  Still a touch of the blue in a little unexpected window at the bottom.  And if I get tired of those stupid squares, guess what?  I have more black paint.  But for now, that’ll do.


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