Fixing the Bathroom

The time has come.  After talking about it for over 2 years, this summer the bathroom shall be improved.

I know what you’re thinking… “it doesn’t look so bad.”  I know, from here it looks fine, which is why ultimately it wasn’t at the top of my list when we moved in.  The fixtures are fine, and the floor has new-ish neutral tiles that are in good shape. But when you look closer, it’s much less appealing.

If I had to take a guess at the history of this room, it would be as follows.  The original build had tiles going up the lower part of the walls.  At some point within the last 10-15 years, someone ripped out that original tile and put up some drywall in its place (currently painted green), along with new fixtures and floor tile.  During this process they did not touch the upper walls at all, so they’re still left with old-ass, chipping, glossy paint that’s probably full of lead.

Here’s the unpleasant view when you’re standing in the shower:

So I’ve started the process this weekend by sanding part of the upper wall surfaces and the door and doorframe.  I wore a little respirator mask, but here’s hoping I didn’t give myself lead poisoning.

The door and door frame is seriously chipping.  It’s in almost the same condition as the fireplace was before I painted it last year.

Even though I sanded the shit out of them, the walls are still pretty glossy.  So I’m thinking that a liquid deglosser product like this one may help the primer go on more effectively.

So if all goes as planned, I’d like to do all of this stuff by the end of the summer:

  1. Sand down upper walls and door/window frames
  2. Remove mirror and medicine cabinet and sand walls below
  3. Apply liquid de-glosser to all upper walls and ceiling
  4. Apply heavy-duty primer to upper walls and ceiling
  5. Paint ceiling white
  6. Paint upper walls w/ Sherwin Williams Toque White
  7. Paint door/window frame and mid-rail moulding w/ Valspar Ultra White
  8. Remove old baseboards
  9. Repair gaps in lower walls
  10. Paint lower walls w/ dark teal (color TBD)
  11. Cut and install new baseboards to match the rest of the downstairs
  12. Paint new baseboards w/ Valspar Ultra White
  13. Buy/install new mirror
  14. Buy/install new medicine cabinet or shelves
  15. Install new wooden shelf over the sink
  16. (Possibly) buy and install a new sink faucet
  17. Make simple valance for window
  18. Find a properly-sized rug
  19. Raise shower bar higher and buy extra-long curtain
  20. Replace light fixture
  21. Accessorize.

Whoa, that’s a long list.

I hope to get through the first four steps within the next week or so.  Someone, please hold me to that, k?


3 thoughts on “Fixing the Bathroom

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