Ice Cream Cake

Yeah I made that.

And you can too!  It’s super easy!

Danny’s birthday was on Thursday, and I was looking for something different than just a cake or cupcakes.  This one immediately caught my eye in the current issue of Food Network Magazine.

Although not officially billed as a Sandra Lee creation, it’s definitely semi-homemade.  The foundation of the cake is two layers of standard vanilla ice cream sandwiches pressed into a loaf pan.

Sadly, my loaf pan would not fit 5 sandwiches, so I was forced to eat half of one while I was making it.

The combination they show in the magazine is strawberry and mint chocolate chip… not sure about that taste combo.  But the colors sure are pretty.

So instead I got a half gallon of vanilla ice cream and dug out the food coloring.  Danny supports the English football team West Ham United, so I aimed for their signature colors of claret and blue.

I don’t have any pictures of the assembly process.  You have to move pretty quick with melty ice cream, so I forgot to grab the camera.

First you need to line a regular sheet pan with parchment or wax paper.  Start the cake by laying down 5 ice cream sandwiches across the bottom of the pan.  Then top them with a layer of softened ice cream.  (I used vanilla ice cream w/ blue food color.)  Then top with a second layer of 5 sandwiches.  Then add another layer of softened ice cream.  (I used vanilla w/ a ton of red food color and a few drops of blue.)  And to finish, top it off with a layer of crushed cookies, either Oreos or chocolate wafer cookies.  Wrap it up neatly with plastic wrap and stick it back in the freezer for at least 4 hours (or 4 days in my case).

When you’re ready to serve, invert the pan on a serving plate and coax the cake out.  To gild the lily, and really make it look like a proper cake, pour magic shell topping all over the top and let it roll off the edges a little.

It looks a little messy on the outside since the different ice cream colors bleed around the edges.  If you were going for a real nice presentation, you could easily shave off the messy side edges (and scarf them down in the kitchen while no one is looking).

But when you cut into it, the slices look just delightful.

Now, this is a lot of ice cream cake for two people.  Although you might want to put a good dent into it, it’s probably best to split this into at least 8 to 10 servings.

But unlike a normal birthday cake, this this will last for weeks if properly stored in the freezer.  So we just cut off two (BIG) slices and stashed the rest for later.

You can also make it your own by using any different type of ice cream you can think of, or by throwing fun little add-ins between the layers.

If I do say, this is just about the perfect easy summer birthday cake.


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