Bathroom: Phase Two

I’m still making gradual progress with the bathroom renovation.  I’ve put in about 6 or 7 more hours over the last two weekends painting the ceiling and upper walls.  To everyone else, it probably looks exactly the same:

But to me it looks AWESOME.  No more shiny, glossy, yellow-ass walls!

I used Behr ceiling white, and Sherwin Williams Toque White, both of which I had on hand from other rooms.  (I’ve still only spent about $30 total on this project so far.)

Now I really can’t wait to get the sickly pea green color off of the bottom walls.  Next week I hope to get through all of the trim painting and lower wall repair.  So maybe in two weeks we can get to the fun part.

This is the color I’m thinking about for the lower walls.  It’s Sherwin Williams Deep Sea Dive.  I’ve had it in mind for a while, but I’m not 100% decided.  I definitely want a dark color, but I’m wondering if I should just go for a straight navy blue shade.  Deep Sea Dive definitely has a lot of green in it, it’s more of a dark teal.  What do you think would look better?

I love lists.  Lists lists lists.  So much fun to cross things off:

  1. Sand down upper walls and door/window frames
  2. Remove mirror and medicine cabinet and sand walls below
  3. Apply liquid de-glosser to all upper walls and ceiling
  4. Apply heavy-duty primer to upper walls and ceiling
  5. Paint ceiling white
  6. Paint upper walls w/ Sherwin Williams Toque White
  7. Paint door/window frame and mid-rail moulding w/ Valspar Ultra White
  8. Remove old baseboards
  9. Repair gaps in lower walls
  10. Paint lower walls w/ dark teal (color TBD)
  11. Cut and install new baseboards to match the rest of the downstairs
  12. Paint new baseboards w/ Valspar Ultra White
  13. Buy/install new mirror
  14. Buy/install new medicine cabinet or shelves
  15. Install new wooden shelf over the sink
  16. (Possibly) buy and install a new sink faucet
  17. Make simple valance for window
  18. Find a properly-sized rug
  19. Raise shower bar higher and buy extra-long curtain
  20. Replace light fixture
  21. Accessorize.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom: Phase Two

  1. Would the teal go better with the floor tiles than a straight navy? The navy might be too dark, keeping in mind that you want to lighten up the room.

  2. I like the teal better than navy.. navy is such a standard bathroom color, when I moved I had to make the conscious effort to stop buying navy rugs, shower curtains, etc.

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