I don’t usually stop at the junky yard sales in our neighborhood.  All people sell is baby clothes and VHS tapes.  But yesterday I cruised past a sale on Whittle Springs with a fence line covered in framed art and a significant collection of brass and copper stuff.  The shiny objects drew me in and I turned around and went back.

For a $1 each I got these cool old things, two matching embossed bowls and a little copper pot type thing.  I thought they’d be nice to plant stuff in, and I’ve been sucked in by the serious succulent trend that’s been in every magazine lately.

These days Lowe’s and Home Depot stock a pretty decent selection of little tiny succulent plants.  Of course, I’m sure you’d be better off going to a real garden center to buy these, but here in the Souf’ those places aren’t open on Sundays, when I like to get my plant on.

So I got five of the tiny guys, and one bigger guy because he was just so purdy.  I also got some potting soil made for this kind of thing.  I have bought these before and killed them, so I’m trying to change my ways.


They do look pretty cool all grouped together in these neat-o containers.  Even though they’re super popular right now, I love ’em.  So fancy!

This one’s called “baby toes”.  It’s cool looking, also kind of giving me the willies.

For now they’re living on the side table in the office.  I had a few other plants here, but I took them to work for a while to soak up the plentiful light there.  I’m sure these little guys will migrate around the house.  Hopefully one will find a home on the future open shelving in the bathroom.  Soon my pretties, very soon.


2 thoughts on “Succulents

  1. The key is- DON’T OVER WATER (which I have done way too often). They don’t like to sit in water. As long as they have pretty good drainage and good light, they should do well. Love me some sempervivum!

  2. I love succulents because they thrive on neglect. I have containers of them on the porch–they pretty much grow in the wild,here in SB, so I tend to pick up cuttings when I’m out on walks.

    Your containers are so pretty. I want to do more treasure hunting at garage sales–hard to get up and out early enough on weekends.

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