Bathroom Pins

In lieu of actually doing any work on the bathroom project this weekend, I laid on the sofa and fantasized about what it will be like when it’s done.

It’s especially fun looking at fabric ideas for the window.  Even though there is a sturdy, fairly-attractive wooden blind on the window for privacy, I still want to spruce it up with a fabric shade of some kind.

Since I’m only considering a flat shade for one window, I won’t need much yardage.  That means I don’t really have to worry about the price.  Cha-ching.  How about some Marimekko action?  Or a fiercely expensive Dwell Studio print?

At this very moment I’m really into this modern floral print from Richloom on  I like the level of detail, and (in my mind at least) I think the blue, gold, and orange would go nicely with the soon-to-be dark teal lower walls.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Bathroom Pins

  1. I kind of like the orange one you pinned up best, but that’s cause I always see bathrooms as a place to throw up crazy bright colors. Follow your heart! You always have good instincts on this sort of thing.

    Actually, even now, as I’m staring at it, I kind of can see how this detaily flower one would look pretty classy. Good work!

  2. I really like the modern,floral print you chose on the bottom. The teal is pretty!

    Second choice is the grey and yellow Dahlia Dove one on the top.

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