Cocktail Hour: DIY Strawberry Liqueur

It’s 104° right now, at 6 PM.  It’s flippin’ hot.

As much as I really want to get that bathroom project finished, it’s hard not to lazily sip cocktails all afternoon and complain about the heat.

Last week I was inspired by this post on Serious Eats to try a little something new: DIY strawberry liqueur. So I started it last Sunday by chopping up 8 ounces of strawberries and drowning them in 1.5 cups of vodka with a sprig of basil.

I steeped them for 3 days, un-refrigerated, away from direct sunlight.  And by this point the booze had extracted all of the color from the berries.

The next step is to mix your flavored vodka with a simple syrup (1 c. boiling water, 1 c. sugar).  But first all of the solids have be strained out.  I used a cheese cloth coffee filter combo.

You know I tried to eat one at this point.  They were horrible.  They tasted like if pure vodka was in a mealy solid state. I spit it out.

I got just over a cup and a half of liquid after squeezing out those nasty berries.  I’m impressed with how red it came out using only the natural color from the strawberries.

Then after adding the simple syrup, it gave me just about 3 cups of liqueur.  Although tempting, I followed instructions and let it chill in the fridge for a day before busting into it.

The first application I tried was with pineapple juice.  It’s divine.

Since it’s weighed down with that delicious syrup, it does have a tendency to sink to the bottom of a drink.  If you were fancy and/or patient with your drink preparation, I would recommend a cocktail shaker.

This weekend I’ve tried it in several different applications, all being delicious.  DELICIOUS, I tell you.

Try a splash of it in some Coconut La Croix seltzer.  Or even with Sprite.  If you’re feelin’ like a classy brunch, put some in your mimosa.  As the original article suggests, sub it out for any drink that calls for triple sec for a summer berry spin on all your favorites.

This was so incredibly easy and cheap, that I’ve already got a round two experiment steeping with some watermelon for next weekend.


4 thoughts on “Cocktail Hour: DIY Strawberry Liqueur

    • I don’t think it would truly matter what type of vodka you used. We usually buy mid-range like Smirnoff. Try it, you’ll like it!

  1. oooh dang I want to make this bad. I’ve been sipping Coconut La Croix lately saying I wish it was just a little sweeter. I suppose I could go the alcoholic route with it! We made the skittles-infused vodka once but I didn’t love it. But this looks so good. Speaking of yummy things from the South, have you tried these Moonshine cherries I keep seeing on the internet? I need those bad, I’ll probably order them soon.

    • I’ve been eyeing up those moonshine cherries too! I’ll try some and report back. I’m pretty sure they sell them in most liquor stores here.

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