Bathroom: Phase Three

This project, like every other painting project in this house, has been a bitch.

But goddamn, this color looks luxe.

It’s a little hard to capture in pictures, but the SW Deep Sea Dive color is definitely true to the swatch I considered here.  It’s coming off a little darker in these pictures than in real life.

You’re also seeing a little more gloss on the walls than you do in real life.  The Sherwin Williams guy talked me into getting a satin finish for the lower walls.  But frankly, I think he was wrong.  It would have been a little better with flat, but I’m sure as hell not painting it again, so satin it is.

We’re up to about 18 hours of my precious free time invested in this room, which is absurd.  When I told a co-worker what I’d be doing again this weekend she asked “how big is this bathroom?”

I’ve finally finished all of the trim painting too, which is officially the worst part of the entire process.  I’m so tired of Valspar Ultra White at this point that I’m picking another color for whatever the hell trim I have to paint next.

Speaking of which, this door is still a sloppy mess.  No matter how much sanding and scraping, some of that old lacquered-on paint just wouldn’t come off.  So I slopped a bunch of new paint over it, NYC landlord style.

Looks fine from a wide angle right?  Well, like most things in this house, it’s best not to take a closer look:

Whatever, I no longer care.

Let’s talk about the baseboards.  Last weekend when I busted out the pry bar to remove them, I came to a dismal realization.  They’ve been grouted into the damn floor.

Carpenter husband says, “if you want those baseboards out you have to take the floor up.”  Which is simply not happening this summer.  The tile is neutral enough to stay for now, and since this is our only shower, we can’t have it completely under construction while we do that kind of project.

So that leaves me with one basic problem…

…this giant gap in the baseboard behind the sink.  Clearly at one point (after they did the tile floor) there was a vanity cabinet against the wall.  And no one has bothered to fill in the gap.

So now we need to find a piece of moulding that’s the exact same shape, cut it to fit, and then shave off the bottom.  The bottom has to be planed down to accommodate for the centimeter of vertical height that’s been grouted into the floor on the other pieces.  WHY?  Why, oh why would you put up shitty baseboards before you install floor tiles?

So this knowledge slightly changes the master plan for the bathroom updates.  Here are the current standings:

  1. Sand down upper walls and door/window frames
  2. Remove mirror and medicine cabinet and sand walls below
  3. Apply liquid de-glosser to all upper walls and ceiling
  4. Apply heavy-duty primer to upper walls and ceiling
  5. Paint ceiling white
  6. Paint upper walls w/ Sherwin Williams Toque White
  7. Paint door/window frame and mid-rail moulding w/ Valspar Ultra White
  8. Remove old baseboards (impossible)
  9. Repair gaps in lower walls
  10. Paint lower walls w/ dark teal
  11. Cut and install new baseboards to match the rest of the downstairs (cut and install replacement strip behind sink)
  12. Paint new baseboards w/ Valspar Ultra White
  13. Buy/install new mirror
  14. Buy/install new medicine cabinet or shelves
  15. Install new wooden shelf over the sink
  16. (Possibly) buy and install a new sink faucet
  17. Make simple valance for window
  18. Find a properly-sized rug
  19. Raise shower bar higher and buy extra-long curtain
  20. Replace light fixture
  21. Accessorize.

And because you can finally see a difference, here’s a little comparison shot.


5 thoughts on “Bathroom: Phase Three

  1. I like the satin, because it “lives” and that works for me!! If your husband is a carpenter, he knows there are ways to router (or saw, somehow) the wallboards out.. But you could get these eh.. what’s the word… we here call them overset boards… the fit óver the old ones and conceil them. Would that work? I understand you can live without a vanity closet.. I couldn’t at all – mine is not vanity but a whole warehouse….

  2. I’m diggin’ it. Nice clean lines and the color looks great! It seems kind of soothing now, like you could read a book in there.

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