I spent last weekend in Boston visiting my sister.  She’s lived there for a year already but this is the first time I’ve visited, and my first time ever setting foot in Boston.  It was a super awesome fun time weekend, and I can’t wait to go back.

On Friday night we hung around Jessie’s neighborhood, which is on the edge of Brookline and Brighton, near Boston College.  It’s a great neighborhood with lots of trees and a mix of smaller apartment buildings and beautiful old houses.  Plus it has several good restaurants and bars that are easy to walk to, including the Publick House, where we ate and drank on Friday, and Eagle’s Deli of Man V. Food fame, where we had lunch on Monday.

We spent most of Saturday in the Newbury Street area with all of the fancy shops, where I got to rekindle my love affair with all the stylish stores we don’t have anywhere close to Knoxville.

The weather was beautiful and hot, so for Saturday night we went to the harborside area to fulfill my only request of the trip, eating some great seafood.  Although contending with a 2 hour wait, we eventually got a lovely dock-side table at Legal Harborside for some amazing chowdah and wood-grilled scallops.  You just can’t get that shit in Tennessee.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was definitely going out on the boat on Sunday.  Jessie’s beau has a sweet fishing boat that he docks at the Dorchester Yacht Club.  We loaded up a cooler of Miller Lite and headed out for the afternoon.
I truly have zero boating experience, and I couldn’t even tell you the last time I was on a sea-faring vessel of any kind.  But this was so much fun.  We rode out to an area they kept calling World’s End, which is near Hull.  It’s very New England-y, the type of place where I picture the Kennedys hanging out.

Fun fact: on the plane ride home I sat next to a teenage girl wearing a neon tank top that said “Go to Hull”.

So the main conclusion after this day?  Find some more friends with boats.  I really didn’t know how nice it is to be out on the water like this.

I had most of the day Monday to myself since my sister had to work and my flight out wasn’t until 7:30pm.  The ticket only cost $20 total because of my United frequent flyer miles, but rewards flight times are somewhat limiting.

So I kicked around downtown for a few hours around the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common.  I also walked over to the area around Faneuil Hall.  Sadly I was still stuffed from Eagle’s Deli, so I didn’t have any of the awesome foodstuffs available at Quincy Market.

I also killed a few hours by finally going to see Moonrise Kingdom.  And as expected, I loved it.

Overall it was a great time, and it’s probably a shame that I’ve gone nearly 30 years without ever visiting Boston before.  But no worries, I’ve got plenty of time to go back again and again.



3 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Love your post! I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip. Hopefully there will be many more. I’m still exploring myself, but definitely enjoying my new city. Also, fun fact: I have a t-shirt that says “Cute as Hull.”

  2. Glad to hear of your sisterly visit.

    “Sister, sister!
    How about that two way twister
    Shakin’ up our family tree
    With sibling synchronicity”

  3. Being on or near water makes you feel amazing! Glad you had a great experience.

    This post made me feel good about two sets of friends moving to Boston, from here. All I could think of was horrendous winters. But maybe I’ll have to visit.

    Pretty, pretty pictures!

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