Bathroom Shelving

I finally installed some shelves in the bathroom.  I think they look great.

You may remember the cheap shelf method I used in the office a while back.  Basically, I just find a board with the right dimensions from Home Depot and have someone cut it to the appropriate length for me.  These two are 24″ long, which seems to be just right for the space.

This time, I just bought cheap whitewood and stained it with the Minwax Dark Walnut that I already had on hand from last summer’s coffee table project.  The brackets, at $6/ea were the most expensive part of the project.  But I do like the simple lines.  And I like that they’re available at Home Depot so I didn’t have to order them from somewhere.

I was a little concerned that having open shelves would expose all of our ugly bathroom items for all to see.  But ultimately, anything we really wouldn’t want to show the world is in the linen closet, and only the daily essentials are stored inside the small bathroom.

I’ve tried to pretty them up a bit with these jars and buckets.  The large galvanized steel bucket was a random find at Southeastern Salvage a few weeks ago, and just happened to be the perfect size.  The other buckets and mason jars were leftover from wedding decor.

This picture shows off the little polyurethane drips on the edge of the top shelf.  You gotta be careful with that shit.  I didn’t notice until it was too late.  Learn from my mistakes.

I’m pleased with the amount of junk these shelves can hold, while still leaving the room much more open and light than the big medicine cabinet that was here before.

I also installed a little ledge shelf above the sink.  With a small pedestal sink, I find this ledge infinitely useful for putting on makeup, taking out contacts, etc.  There was previously a strange marble shelf here.  This one is slimmer and sexier with the dark walnut finish.

I found this piece of wood in the basement, perhaps left over from the little ledge shelf we put in over the stove.  Perfect length, didn’t even have to cut it!  And since it’s so narrow, you can’t really find any pretty brackets to rest it on.  So I used these little corner braces.  I intend to paint over the wall side with the teal paint so they will magically disappear. Just haven’t gotten that far yet.

You’ll notice from that picture that we’re still lacking in the mirror department.  I’ve only been looking half-heartedly.  24″x36″ is not the most standard mirror size, so I just don’t know yet.

I have made a few other fun additions though.  We had an existing towel ring and TP holder with a pewter finish.  I prefer a black or oil-rubbed bronze finish (ORB!).  So I just took them off, spray painted them with a little Rustoleum ORB and hung ’em back up.

I also ordered these loverly hand towels on clearance from West Elm.  I really like this flat-woven style with the tassels, although they kind of look like they need to be ironed.  And I’m sure as hell not ironing towels.

Notice how awkwardly placed that outlet is?  Yeah, me too.

Oh, and look at this tiny little ORB step can.  Still using Bed Bath and Beyond wedding gift cards. Woot.

Don’t you judge me for my dirty floor.

I’m finally feeling GREAT about what’s going on in this bathroom.  Even though I’ve spent next to nothing on this project, its taken a shitload of effort and time to get it this far.  But everything is finally coming together exactly as I imagined it.

Here’s the cost breakdown for the shelves.

  • Shelf brackets: $27
  • Lumber: $7
  • Polyurethane: $6
  • Large galvanized steel bucket: $5
  • Wood Stain: $0 [already had]
  • Screws: $0 [already had]
  • Mason jars and smaller buckets: $0 [already had]
  • TOTAL: $45

And let’s see where we stand on that bathroom to-do list:

  1. Sand down upper walls and door/window frames
  2. Remove mirror and medicine cabinet and sand walls below
  3. Apply liquid de-glosser to all upper walls and ceiling
  4. Apply heavy-duty primer to upper walls and ceiling
  5. Paint ceiling white
  6. Paint upper walls w/ Sherwin Williams Toque White
  7. Paint door/window frame and mid-rail moulding w/ Valspar Ultra White
  8. Repair gaps in lower walls
  9. Paint lower walls w/ dark teal
  10. Cut and install replacement baseboard strip behind sink
  11. Paint new baseboards w/ Valspar Ultra White
  12. Buy/install new mirror
  13. Buy/install new medicine cabinet or shelves
  14. Install new wooden shelf over the sink
  15. (Possibly) buy and install a new sink faucet
  16. Make simple valance for window
  17. Find a properly-sized rug
  18. Raise shower bar higher and buy extra-long curtain
  19. Replace light fixture
  20. Accessorize.







7 thoughts on “Bathroom Shelving

  1. Amy– Love the tp holder and towel holder spray paint trick–never thought of that. Since the outlet bugs you, I wonder if you could paint it teal blue to blend in with the wall?? Is that done?

    I want to fix/change my place up… not sure where to start. Maybe with a list, like you.

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