Spray-Painted Bathroom Light Fixture

There was nothing really wrong with this light fixture.  The only thing I didn’t like was the nickel finish. I wanted something black or oil-rubbed bronze to match the rest of the finishes throughout the house.

I could have bought a new one, but I’d rather save that money.  Plus I don’t like messing with electrical since we don’t have circuit breakers to easily turn off the power to individual rooms.

So I fell back on my solution to most home decor problems:  spray paint it.

The responsible way to tackle this job would be to remove the fixture from the wall, lay it outdoors on a drop cloth and spray away.  But back to the electrical issue…doing that would essentially be the same amount of work as installing a new one.  And I don’t like messing with wires.

So I did this:

Much easier, right?  I’m ridiculous.

So, this giant plastic shield took about a half hour to assemble of tall kitchen trash bags and plastic sheeting we had laying around the basement.  I also made little tape hats for the three bulb sockets.  The top rim of each bar is covered by the shade, so it didn’t matter that a little silver line would remain around the top of each one.

But guess what?  It actually worked.  It gave me enough coverage to spray on two thin and (mostly) even coats of oil-rubbed bronze Rust-oleum metallic. (About $6 at Lowes).

It’s not perfect, but I’m super-pleased with this CHEAP little update.  It beats the hell out of buying a new fixture and looks like new.




5 thoughts on “Spray-Painted Bathroom Light Fixture

  1. I love this and I would totally do the same thing – cover everything up and paint – easier that way! I also like the window shade – poppy pattern rocks!

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