DIY Art in the Loo

I went to college for film and video production and chose a university where that major was firmly planted within a college of art and design.  This meant a lot of actual art classes were required throughout my four years there.  Despite an unfortunate semester of “Performance” art class, I enjoyed most of the exposure to fine art education.  I don’t have much painting skill (i.e. none) but I still enjoy busting out the paint brushes for some inexpensive home decor satisfaction.

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit and brought along a pile of old paintings from my college years.  They’re not suitable for displaying anywhere besides a thrift store, but they brought them along in case I may want to paint over them to repurpose the canvases.  And yes, yes I do want free canvases (free=paid for 10 years ago).

So this week I started out with this old gem:

Like that confetti tablecloth?  No?

This was originally painted with oil paints, so I was somewhat concerned that it wouldn’t take well to acrylic slapped on top of it.  There’s no way I’m buying oil paints anymore, so I thought I’d give it a go anyway.  I “primed” it with a layer of gesso, which is actually intended to prime a raw canvas for painting.  Then covered it all with a mottled light grey layer of acrylic paint.

I got the idea for this from this pin, which annoyingly was pinned from an ambiguous Craftgawker link that will never take you to the original source.  With a little google image searching, I found this post which may be the original source (apologies to all if it’s not).

So I started by wrapping some twine around a little block of craft wood.

And I just used this as a stamp to make a grid-like pattern across my canvas, starting with a bright yellow paint.

I used the type of craft paint that comes in a million colors in those little 2 oz. bottles.  It actually got a little goopy on my stamp, next time I would thin it with a bit of water.  But it basically created the effect I was looking for.

It was my intention to do a second color on top of the yellow.  Since this took so long to dry, I had to do the orangey-brick-red color the next night and didn’t take any pictures.

But here’s my finished product.

One thing I didn’t realize when I started is that there was a big dent in the front of the canvas from being shoved up against other paintings in the basement for so long.  So even with the abstract pattern on top, you can kind of see a little nipple on the right side where the canvas isn’t perfectly flat.  I’m pretty certain that I’m the only one who’s going to notice this, but I thought I’d share my preoccupation with all of you.

Otherwise, I pretty much love it (for now).  And if I think of something totally cooler than this, I have nothing to loose if I paint over it again in a few months.


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