Glass Bead ID Bracelets

I bought these glass and metal beads from Hobby Lobby back in May after seeing this post.  It’s taken me until September to sit down for 20 minutes and actually do something with them.  Sad but true story, they were supposed to be for my sister’s birthday on June 5.  Wow.

I used my new initials on the blue one and just one plain silver square bead on the red one for a little unity without being too heavy-handed with it.

At some point several months ago I had something more witty or profound in mind to spell out on these things.  But it now escapes me.  This summer has turned my brain to mush, so I thought this would help me remember my own name.

They’re strung onto stretchy plastic cord, so they can slip on and off easily without a clasp.  Surely this also means the cord will eventually break, spraying slippery round beads all over the ground at some inopportune moment.  But until then… I think I’ll enjoy them while they last.


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