taxis at LaGuardia

In the last two weeks I’ve been to New York twice. Yes, twice, for a total of six separate plane flights, all on the company dime. I don’t have the type of job that requires constant travel, and for that I’m eternally grateful. But these two work trips happened to coincide back to back.

The first trip had been planned for a while, and since the tickets were running cheap ($300 for a round trip direct flight from Knoxville) Danny came along for the 4 day ride. It was the first time that he had been back since we left for good in 2008, so he had a good time rediscovering the place and meeting up with old friends and coworkers.

Plus, we had the distinct advantage of staying in style at The Maritime Hotel in Chelsea.



Being the second time I’ve stayed here, I’m now whole-heartedly endorsing this hotel. It’s the perfect place to stay. Super-stylish, great restaurant and bar, and most importantly it’s not in midtown. In fact, it’s just an avenue away from the new-ish High Line park. We took a stroll on the High Line, and I loved it. Although it was a little crowded on a Sunday afternoon, I loved the concept of repurposing an old eyesore into an attraction for tourists and locals alike.



For my second trip, I was pretty much working non-stop in a two-day meeting at the Muse Hotel just off of Times Square on W 46th Street.

On this second journey, I barely had time to sleep let alone do anything fun or notable.  There was a cocktail reception at the Food Network Kitchens in Chelsea, but my phone was dead from a day’s worth of email, and I sadly didn’t take any pics.

The only truly notable personal experience was a rendezvous with my favorite breakfast of all-time.  A real, fresh sesame bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese.  Plus a large iced coffee with skim milk (no sugar).

The only things I miss about New York are bagels and pizza.  And that’s the troof.


One thought on “NYCx2

  1. 1. Gross, skim milk in an ice coffee? It’s watery enough as it is. But the bagel I’d eat.
    2. I bet you could probably figure out how to make pretty good pizza at home. Do you have a pizza stone? They are really awesome.
    3. Glad your job likes you enough to whirl you away on biz trips! Keep up the good work.

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