Room Panoramas

Have you seen the new panoramic photo feature in iOS6?  I upgraded my iPhone 4S earlier this week and I’ve been playing with it nonstop.

Incidentally, I also cleaned up the house this weekend for the first time in months (yes, “months” plural). So it was a good time to snap some panoramic shots of the rooms in our house.  It does give a fun perspective to these rooms that I’ve photographed many times before.  And in certain less-extreme situations, it can give you a sweet wide-angle/fisheye lens effect.

Click on the each photo to see a larger version, if you’d like.


Dining Room

Living Room



Downstairs Bedroom


4 thoughts on “Room Panoramas

  1. It looks great. The iOS6 upgrade certainly made the pictures clearer and more options with the new panoramic photo feature. Awesome!! Iam testing it myself.

  2. Your house is so lovely! I called Andrew over to check it out…. And he said, “WOW! She really DOES have a nice house!” Love your blog and homey pictures.

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