Pallet Wood and Steel Side Table

Check out this amazing handmade table I scored from my friend Eric, metalworker extraordinaire. Ever since last summer when I begged him to make me some hairpin legs for my DIY coffee table, he’s been toying around with a few other kickass table designs.

Although, it’s still standing and very much still in use in our living room, there were some serious structural issues with the table I built last summer.  Let’s just say I’m no carpenter and I don’t suggest you sit down on it.  It holds your beer just fine, but certainly not your body weight.

So for this table Eric added two additional bars of steel at complementary angles for stylish support. And to make it the sturdiest side table you’ve ever seen, he created a steel frame at the exact dimensions of the wooden tabletop.  And welded those legs right on there.  It’s pretty damn heavy.

And to guild the lilly, he used found pallet wood for the top.  It’s not stained, just poly’ed and sealed.  It’s just lovely to see the divots from the staples and the natural worn-in color variations.

He also built in metal separators between each board to prevent warping (which is a definite problem with my shoddy coffee table).  This thing will be on this earth for much longer than you and me.

It’s a real beaut.

We tried it out first in the coffee table position, but it was just a hair too tall to look good there. Lucky for us, it fits perfectly as a side table between the sofa and rocker.

I’m totally in love with it.  I’ve already forgotten about our generic World Market side table (seen here, in another post celebrating Eric’s handiwork).

So, thanks Eric.  Thanks for being awesome and crafty, and a generous bud.


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