Clinch River Fall Antique Festival 2012

Today I visited historic downtown Clinton for their annual Fall Antiques Festival.  I visited their fall festival last year for the first time and went back again in November to hunt down a 3-drawer dresser.  It was a beautiful warm fall day here in East Tennessee, so I was up for the challenge of finding some cool shit under heaps of rusty old tools and milk glass china.

I seemed to be focused on the old textiles today.  Among the things I didn’t buy today, I took pictures of lots of pretty graphic textiles that caught my eye.

This little zig zag rug was rockin’.  Until I picked up the tag, “Navajo rug, $200”.  I call bullshit.

Check out this WW2-era Dutch mailbag.  This one was tempting, but I didn’t buy it.  The second I picked it up, the seller bumped the price down from $50 to $35.

I would have bought this awesome drag racing photo, but I was over-stimulated and forgot to come back for it.  It was in a stack of hundreds of 8×10’s that must have been from an estate sale.  The whole stack was vintage race car snapshots, and it was clear the entire set was shot in Knoxville.

This little pot was rad.  But I have enough tchotchkes, and I didn’t know where I’d put it.  And I don’t know what the hell this shaped vessel is supposed to be used for.

There’s one great shop in Clinton that I patronized last year that has stacks and stacks of vintage prints, mostly botanical.  Some are ripped pages from books, and some are crisp, clean prints on thick paper.  All different sizes.  The store is called something silly like “Heavens to Betsy” but he really does have some cool stuff.

And that brings us to what I actually bought today.  I did walk away with one print from this shop, a black a white botanical photograph print from a series called “Encyclopedie de la Plante”.  It was $16.

And I also walked away with a $10 two-drawer card catalog.  I’ve been randomly wanting one of these for a while to sit atop our half-height filing cabinet.  It’s got some old tape goo on it, but for 10 bucks, I’m happy with it.  Maybe I’ll spray paint it or something.

*Excuse the slovenly work area.

And the only other items I took home were these feed bags for $8/each.  I was attracted to the triangle print, and simultaneously blinded to the hideous stains and holes all over them.

As soon as I got home and took that picture, I threw them in the washer on a high-soil setting.  They really were filthy.  The washing took really made the colors less vibrant.  And there are still many stains leftover.

In the past, my mom has made pillows out of these types of canvas feed bags.  But because of a few holes and the gross stains, I don’t think these are pillow material.  But the triangle print is SO COOL.

What do I do with them??  Wise old internet, give me ideas!


3 thoughts on “Clinch River Fall Antique Festival 2012

  1. I woud iron them a little (not flat), and put them in a frame. Any room would brighten up, but since the format a stairway would be great, and for the type of content I could see them in a kitchen.. or even a pantry:)

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