How 29″ of Baseboard Can Change Your Life

Doesn’t this piss you off to no end?

No?  Okay, well it’s not your bathroom and you don’t understand.

It’s been this way since we’ve moved in.  One would assume that there used to be a vanity built in here.  Some time in history after they laid the tile and grouted the rest of the baseboards into the floor, they decided to replace the vanity but NOT the baseboard.


But yesterday I finally cajoled my husband into borrowing some saws and removing this thorn in my side.

It really only took him a few minutes and a trip to Home Depot.  Since the existing baseboards were buried in about half an inch of grout, our replacement board had to be chopped down to comparable height.

But once it was cut down and hammered into place, it only took me another hour or so to caulk the gaps and paint the baseboards all around with a fresh coat of Valspar Ultra White.  (I held off on the baseboards during the painting earlier this year, knowing that this would need to be done eventually.)

And now the gap is gone.  And I can sleep at night.

It’s the little things, people.  Really, the little things that all come together and make one BIG improvement in this house. I’m so, so, so very close to being all done with this bathroom project!

  1. Sand down upper walls and door/window frames
  2. Remove mirror and medicine cabinet and sand walls below
  3. Apply liquid de-glosser to all upper walls and ceiling
  4. Apply heavy-duty primer to upper walls and ceiling
  5. Paint ceiling white
  6. Paint upper walls w/ Sherwin Williams Toque White
  7. Paint door/window frame and mid-rail moulding w/ Valspar Ultra White
  8. Repair gaps in lower walls
  9. Paint lower walls w/ dark teal
  10. Cut and install replacement baseboard strip behind sink
  11. Paint new baseboards w/ Valspar Ultra White
  12. Buy/install new mirror
  13. Buy/install new medicine cabinet or shelves
  14. Install new wooden shelf over the sink
  15. (Possibly) buy and install a new sink faucet
  16. Make simple valance for window
  17. Find a properly-sized rug
  18. Raise shower bar higher and buy extra-long curtain
  19. Replace or repaint light fixture
  20. Accessorize.

One thought on “How 29″ of Baseboard Can Change Your Life

  1. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the missing baseboard. But good job! And everything left on your list seems kinda fun.

    I don’t really know how to do bathroom rugs. Are you supposed to hang them every time you get out of the shower or what?

    I’m really diggin’ that blue paint.

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