Grain Sack on the Wall

I found a use for the printed canvas feed bags I bought at the antique festival a few weeks ago. Well, one of them at least.

This took all of about 15 minutes, and it’s completely reversible if I get tired of looking at the filthy stains on this old sack.

Framing the thing would have been a little expensive for what it is, and just tacking it up on a wall would have looked sloppy.  So based on a wise suggestion from mother Swantko, I gave it some structure with wooden dowels around the edges so it would lay flat against the wall.

As with most projects, I half-assed the wooden dowel frame, holding the pieces together with some blue painters tape.  And the dowels were thin enough to score with a knife and break by hand to the right length.

Then I slipped this crappy 4-sided dowel frame into the sack and safety pinned the top so that it wouldn’t slip down.

Then I just screwed a small cup hook into the wall and hung the top end of the dowel on the frame. Easy as can be.  (Until the blue tape wears out and the dowels slip out of position.)

It only seemed appropriate to hang this in the kitchen area.  Anywhere else in the house would have been a little too rustic.  I used to have some boards hanging here with bulldog clips for holding miscellaneous paper stuff, cards, and pictures (seen here).

But the great thing is that those clip boards were just hung up with 3M command strips, and I just left them up underneath the grain sack.  PLUS it covers up an awkwardly placed electrical outlet that’s a constant eyesore.  But the outlet will still be easy to access when we need to run extension cords out the back door, which is basically all it’s ever used for.

I still haven’t thought of a good use for the other red and black grain sack.  But I’m happy to keep that one in my back pocket until the appropriate crafting opportunity arises.  If nothing else, I can definitely cut it up into smaller pieces and use the fabric for some kind of project, somewhere down the line.


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