Bathroom: Complete

I’m gonna go ‘head and call this one. It’s done. And to be honest, I’m perfectly happy with it.

It’s pretty amazing how a few small changes can make such an impressive change in the house. Although technically this is a two-bathroom house, we use this bathroom for everything.  And even though it wasn’t that bad before, it feels great to be rid of the chipping lead paint and have a cozy little room that feels right.

The before-and-after above might not seem so drastic, but you can check out more old pictures here to get a better idea of the situation.

I started out with a pretty long to-do list for this room.  And the hardest part was really tackled earlier this summer with a shitload of sanding, deglossing, painting, and more painting.  It really was a bitch.  But I’m SO GLAD that it’s been done.  And after several months of showers, I can confidently say that the sanding/deglossing process allowed the paint to adhere properly, and we don’t have any bubbling or flaking problems (even on the ceiling).

And for anyone who ever thinks that it would be a good idea to use high-gloss paint in your bathroom, YOU’RE WRONG.  It’s a terrible idea for the poor saps who buy your house after your glossy white paint has turned yellow.

Beyond the hard labor involved, this whole project was pretty cheap.

  • Mirror (Lowes): $75
  • Paint & supplies (Lowes/Home Depot/Sherwin Williams): $60
  • Shelf Supplies (Home Depot): $30
  • Farbic for window valence ( $30
  • Hand Towels (West Elm): $18
  • Towel Hooks (Lowes): $16
  • Curtain rod (Lowes): $12
  • Bath Towel (Nate Berkus for Target): $10
  • Small Frames (Hobby Lobby): $8
  • Curtain Rod (Home Depot): $8
  • ORB Spray Paint: $7 (light fixture, towel ring, TP holder)
  • Replacement baseboard (Home Depot): $6
  • Soap Dispenser (Target): $6
  • Galvanized Steel Bucket (Southeastern Salvage): $5
  • Extra long shower curtain, rings and liner (BB&B): $0 (gift card)
  • Trash can, bowl brush (BB&B): $0 (gift card)
  • TOTAL: $291

There were a few other things on my original list that could have pushed the price tag higher, but I decided against them.  I would have liked to replace the faucet with an oil-rubbed bronze fixture in the same style.  But these were generally running around $100, and it just seemed like unnecessary money to spend.  There is nothing wrong with this faucet, the style isn’t even all that ugly.  I just couldn’t justify spending the money just because it doesn’t match.  So the silver faucet stays.

I was also on the hunt for a bathroom rug, but ran into a few problems.  The biggest issue is that we wear shoes into this bathroom all the time, so the bathroom rug gets some real wear and tear.  And dirt.  A white rug would be toast in this place, so I was looking for a flat weave brown rug that would be the right size.  Turned out that I already had one. It was purchased from Century 21 in Brooklyn for our crummy apartment there.  But a dragged it out of the basement and it turns out to be the perfect size.  Win.  Cheap ass win.

I’m very pleased with removing the towel bar from behind the door and replacing it with these hooks. And my choice of bathroom paint color was officially justified by Nate Berkus who’s towels for Target come in the exact same color.  I couldn’t resist buying one.

My favorite part (after the lovely blue walls) is the shelves.  Removing the bulky medicine cabinet really opened it up.  And it turns out that the toiletries we use on an everyday basis fit neatly into a few streamlined containers.  And that’s for real.  The only thing I had to put away to control the clutter for these pictures was my hairdryer.  My makeup routine is laughably short and as evidenced by the mighty beard, my husband doesn’t like shaving.

I thought that the patch of wall behind the toilet needed a little something else.  So yesterday I bought some cheap frames from the Hob Lob and framed some postcards I had laying around.  The girl on the right is a Liechtenstein print from some blank cards I bought from the MOMA store when I was in high school on one of my first trips to NYC.  And the mermaid postcard was enclosed in the package from Becca Stadlander when I purchased her fox print last year.  I loved it as soon as I saw it and it’s been on our fridge ever since.

Overall, it’s looking pretty great in here.  For once, I’m happy and motivated to spend the winter moving onto some other areas of the house that could use some love.



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