Frame Wall Additions

I added a few new items to the frame wall in our living room this weekend.  The new pieces required a slight reorganization of some of the other stuff too.

I’m sure no one but me (not even my husband) remembers what it looked like before so here’s a refresher:

I first hung these pieces last summer, when I was whipping the living room into shape.  I loved the layout, but always had the intention of adding more to it.  It’s a great big wall, so those first six items looked a little lonely up there sometimes.

I specifically wanted to find a place for these two, the botanical print I picked up from this year’s antique festival in Clinton and an old photo of Danny’s mom as a little girl on a pony.

Cute, huh?

These frames are (as usual) pretty much the cheapest frames they sell at Hobby Lobby, picked up either during a half-off sale or with the weekly 40% off coupon.  I also got a white matte cut for the botanical print since it was an odd size (only $8 at the Hob Lob).

I like how it’s feeling fuller and more collected.  And there’s still room to grow as I find more fun stuff to frame.  There are also a few items here that I wouldn’t mind replacing at some point.  The travel photos could always be replaced with newer ones, and I have zero attachment to the little keys on the upper right side.  I got it on clearance from Target months ago, and threw it up there to fill in the extra space.

BONUS FRAME ACTION!  While I had out the hammer and nails, I also got some things up on the wall in our small hallway outside of the bathroom.  I’m not totally sold on the arrangement yet, but I had been meaning to hang these Navy plaques up here for quite a while.

Like I said, the arrangement is a little awkward, I couldn’t quite get it right.  But this one might also benefit from some more additions down the line.

The octagon beveled mirror is kind of cool, especially because it was about $1 at the thrift store. Another thing I bought over a year ago that’s been laying around.  I think I may paint the frame of it.  The wood is a little dull.  I’m thinking of maybe even using the dark teal paint from the bathroom walls to bring that color out into the hall in a subtle way.

A successful hour of picture hanging… it shall bring me satisfaction all week long.







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