Fabric Pom Pom Flowers

I spent all day yesterday raking leaves and blowing leaves and moving piles of leaves around the yard and ZOMG SO MANY LEAVES EVERYWHERE.  So I feel like I’ve earned a day of sitting on the sofa, drinking bloody marys, doing crafts, and watching Netflix.

First up, these little fabric flowers.  I basically followed this tutorial, stumbled upon after a series of links, undoubtedly started on Pinterest.  They are made of fabric circles, folded up and stitched together.  Really so easy, these pictures explain the process well enough.

You might recognize that black and white gingham from the bevy of wedding crafts last winter.

I was originally thinking about affixing them to the end of these wooden dowels I have leftover from this project.  But decided against it because these were too floppy.  I more rigid paper flower might do better on those dowels.

So instead, I slapped ’em on the white grapevine wreath and hung it on the front door.  Two years ago I spray painted this wreath white and embellished it with some greenery and berries.  Then last year, I wrapped red yarn around bits of the grapevine.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s not even Thanksgiving.  Wanna fight about it?


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