Holiday Decorating

christmas lights on the plantWe haven’t bought a tree for the last few years, mostly because we will travel for the actual Christmas holiday.  But the one part about a proper tree that I missed was the lights.  There’s nothing like that soft glow of white lights around a tree.

So I bought a strand on a whim the other day, not really knowing where I’d put them.  After a few other failed ideas, I started draping them around the massive snake plant that usually lives in the corner of the living room.  And guess what?  I love it!

2012 hoilday mantleI also put out a few other seasonal pieces on the mantle, a variation on what I did last year.  The holly sprig and red berries were from out in the yard, and the only thing I bought new is the little grey sweater-covered tree shape, which was under $5 at Target.

holiday mantleI crafted up those white hanging shapes this afternoon based on this tutorial.  Although I bought some metal eyelets to connect each end, it proved nearly impossible without the special tools.  So I used double-sided tape to attach the ends of each strip of paper.  And they’re just hung on a piece of thread that’s taped to the back of the mirror.

I like that they’re light and airy.  They add some extra interest to the mirror without being too in-yo-face.  It would also be cool to hang these in a spot where they could spin around.  I couldn’t think of a good spot, but maybe next year.

paper ornaments on the mirrorIt feels like Christmas is still really far away.  For some reason I’m more excited about it this year.  I think I’m just really looking forward to some time off of work, and a trip up to see the fam.  And oh yeah, I’m turing THIRTY this month.  Oye…

holiday mantle





8 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating

  1. Good for you for having your decorating done already! We’ve barely started…

    I’ve been searching for innovative gift ideas and came upon your blog. In terms of gift-giving, if you need ideas and want to support local art and deserving charities, I’m a Sydney-based artist and have some innovative gifts in my shop here ( There are some pieces for families, some for men, some for kids, and quite a few for women too. Plus there’s a special sale happening where any photo can be made into a print for only $20! A portion of all sales is going to charity, as well.

    Good luck with your gift-giving and happy holidays!

    Wishing you the best.

  2. Understated, but lovely. You won’t have a lot of clean up after the holidays when you will be trying to recover from turning 30.

  3. Nice! My folks have been wrapping random household objects as Christmas Trees for the past few years, since Mom says picking out and decorating a tree isn’t much fun without us kids. The best was her life-sized skeleton (for drawing studies) named Stanley. So festive! I thought I had a picture somewhere, but can’t find it. I always get a little rosemary tree for my house. Festive and practical! I love your mirror paper ornaments- so simple and nice looking.

  4. Eh, 30 was a lot scarier when I was the one turning it. I mean, come on, all the art in your house is framed. Also, you have a house. In my book, you’re at least 45.

    P.S. Love your classy holiday flare.

  5. beautiful job my dear. Is that snake plant also called a Mother-in-Laws tongue? or is that not PC? Who knows.

    When we got older (as in, I went to college) my mom stopped buying cut christmas trees and started buying expensive-ish large potted plants she wanted instead to decorate for the holidays..she later planted them in the yard. I protested strongly, but the decorated palm trees were a lot nicer than I expected. I totally approve now!

  6. @Emily yes, I call ’em snake plants, but I’ve heard others call them Mother-In-Law’s tongue. Maybe it’s not PC anymore, or maybe my mother-in-law’s tongue isn’t much of a problem, so I don’t use the analogy 🙂

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