Magazine Recipe Book

magazine stackA few years worth of Martha Stewart Living, Food Network Magazine, and Everyday Food were starting to take up too much space.  And also, when you have this many issues laying around, it’s impossible to find a recipe you remember reading and want to cook for dinner.

It was time to downsize.

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone back through every single food magazine on my shelves and pulled out the ones I might actually make one day.  So rather than a three foot high stack, I now have one 2 inch binder filled with only the recipes that I love.

magazine stack and binderIt took a long time to go back through every one of these issues, and you start to notice a lot of repetitive recipes that are published over and over again (especially in FN Mag).  But it gave me a renewed arsenal of dinner ideas.

And now I have a tidy little “cookbook” arranged by recipe type (drink, appetizer, main, side, dessert) that contains only the recipes that I hand-picked from the overwhelming stack of close to 100 magazines.

I tried to cut out as many pictures as possible, because without a photo, recipes aren’t quite as enticing.  Plus, these magazines all have really beautiful photography and layout design, which is the most enjoyable part of leafing through each issue.

buffalo chicken mac and cheeseOh my god, have you ever tried this mac and cheese?  If not, go search for it on Food Network and make it right now.

thin burger from martha stewart

I got a box of 50 3-ring plastic sleeves to hold my cut out pages.  I only used about half of them, and there’s plenty of room in the binder to add more pages down the line.  The binder and plastic sheets cost about $12.

For the shorter recipes and the small pages from Everyday Food, I tried to make the best use of space by cutting out the excess paper on the edges and taping them onto sheets of white copy paper.

recipe pages in binderAnd many of the FN Mag “weeknight cooking” recipes are consistently laid out in uniform columns, making it easy to display two per page.

magazine pages in binderNow if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make this Primavera with Proscuitto, Asparagus, and Carrots.






2 thoughts on “Magazine Recipe Book

  1. Nice. I have a binder like that that is a combo of magazine and printed from the internet recipes. The best part is that you can be a total mess in the kitchen, and then just wipe down the pages!

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