Things I Like: Brooklyn Industries Handbags

old BI bagsThis is my Brooklyn Industries purse graveyard.  I’ve carried nothing but these bags for the past six years.  With very few exceptions, one of these four bags has been on my shoulder every day since I was 24 (and at the time, living in Park Slope).

The brown and green one on the left is the oldest.  It was the only Large H Bag, here’s an example of the current style.  It was practical when I rode the subway to work and used to carry a book, bottle of water, sometimes knitting, and other survival supplies.

The other three shown above are the standard H bag style, with the same pocket layout but a smaller footprint.  The red/black stripe and white/black feather print bags are wax-coated canvas. The striped one has held up amazingly well, to the point where I’d still be able to pull this out and use it again in the future.  Unfortunately the white parts of the feather print have gotten really yellowed over time so it looks a little too worn out now.  The yellow and brown leather H bag was by my side for the past year, after I picked it up from the Chelsea BI store location during my September 2011 trip to NYC.

The structure of these bags make for pretty easy organization.  I usually put my most used items (wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses) in the outer pockets (w/ magnetic closures) and zipped up everything else in the cavernous center area.  The only problem with this is that sometimes I would forget about all the shit I was squirreling away in the middle part.  It’s really bad when you forget that there’s a pear in your purse for a few days.

brooklyn industries h handbagThe most fun thing about this line of handbags is that the prints change every season.  Some are subtle and modern, and others (like my original green/brown/swirly monster bag) are a lot more loud.

So say hello to the newest member of my purse squad, the Mod Pocket Hobo Bag.

mod pocket hobo bagI was finally lured away from the H bag with this new style.  It’s one of the many things I’ve purchased for myself this holiday season.  I don’t know what the hell has come over me, but I’ve bought more crap for myself in the past 4 weeks than I have in the last 8 months.

Anyway, as I suspected, this bag has a little bit more of the “black hole” effect, where you drop everything into one central compartment.  So I’ve found myself doing a lot more digging around to find my keys.  But it does have a few side pockets and partitions, and it does prevent me from hoarding unnecessary items in that big middle pocket.

mod pocket hobo bag centerI bought this guy during the black friday/cyber monday weekend, when they were running an online sale for 25% off everything.  And guess what, they seem to be doing it again!  So if you need a last minute gift for a special lady on your list, keep that in mind.  (Fun fact!  In 2007 I gave an H bag to my sister for xmas.)

[This post is not sponsored or perked in any way, just sharing some love for a product I use everyday.]


One thought on “Things I Like: Brooklyn Industries Handbags

  1. Mine has held up very well also. I also tend to forget about what is stuck in the middle section, luckily I’ve never left anything perishable. Fun fact…my old boss once saw me unzip that bag and looked at it with amazement like it was a transformer.

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