Bedroom Updates

Yipes! It’s been 6 weeks since I posted! It was a combination of winter lethargy, traveling for work, and zero house projects in progress. Sorry, guys. Let’s not let that happen again.

Bedroom March '13

I’ve been making a few small additions to the downstairs bedroom.  Ever since I brought in the hacked RAST chest, it seemed like the time was right to pay a little more attention to the room we spend so much (unconscious) time in.

First you might notice the bedding.  The pink sheets have been in use since 2011 (Marimekko via Crate and Barrel), but the grey quilt is new.  It’s from the new Threshold collection at Target, on sale last week fro $60.  I fell briefly in love with the Nomad Coverlet from West Elm, but with tax and shipping it was more than double the cost of the one from Target.  It’s pretty lightweight, but still warm enough for the last week of freezing temps we’ve had here in Knoxville.

new bedroom lamps

I also added a pair of (non-matching) lamps on either side of the bed.  At night it’s amazing what proper lighting can do to a room.  I should have just gone and bought some stupid lamps 2 years ago… totally ridiculous to wait this long.  The one on the left has a smokey-grey glass base and a basic white drum shade, both from the Target mix/match shelf.  And the one on the right has a cheap base from Target but a weirdo lampshade I bought randomly a few years ago.  There was a Bliss Home clearance sale at some point, and I couldn’t bear to walk out empty handed, so I got this lampshade for $5.

It’s actually pretty awesome though, plain white on the outside, but printed with a woodland landscape on the inside.  So when it’s glowing in an otherwise dark room, you can see all these subtle little shadows.

Woodland scene lampshade

I also scored this strange and awesome laundry basket thing yesterday at Marshall’s for $20.  I can’t quite figure out the physics behind it, because it’s made of a sturdy/starchy canvas, but it’s completely freestanding without any metal frame.  I like the bold black and white stripes and the heavy rope handles.

black and white laundry basket

Clearly this side of the room still needs some work.  The wall has been blank the entire time we’ve lived here.  (Over 3 years now!)  I’m thinking about finding some kind of smallish mirror to hang over the dresser, and maybe some smaller framed prints to the left.

Along with filling up the walls with some new art, I’d also like to replace the old kitchen chair in the corner with something way cooler and more unique.  Hopefully I can find something in a thrift or antique store that I could paint or refinish for cheap.

bedroom march '13

It’s taken a while, but this room is finally coming together nicely.  Here’s a little refresher of all the small improvements over the past two years.

Hey look, I’ve done a lot in this room, after all!  It’s only taken a year and a half.  Here’s hoping I get through the full list by this summer to beat the 2-year mark.


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