Hi! My name is Amy and this is my house in Knoxville, TN

I used to live in Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Columbia, MD.  Once the novelty wore off, living in Brooklyn was much, much more trouble than it was worth.  In July of 2008, we left New York to live in a pretty neighborhood in a small city with grass and trees and mountains.  We wanted to drive cars and to shop in huge grocery stores with wide aisles.  This is my first foray into the American South and it’s been wonderful.

In early 2010, I bought my first house here.  It’s a little cottage in North Knoxville that I share it with my husband, Danny, and our kinda-dumb dogs Séamus and Schooner.

This blog is just for funsies.  In real life I don’t like talking about myself that much.  But on the interwebs… all bets are off.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. awesome, i just found your blog randomly online while researching the martha stewart felt slippers. i just moved to minneapolis from knoxville 4 months ago. i lived in knoxville for over 10 years and i loved it. i lived in a cabin in south knoxville. what a small world huh???

  2. You are the second blogger I’ve stumbled upon this past week who has left NYC, my husband and I are thinking of moving there, I lived in Manhattan for a year before we got married, so I am still debating 🙂 Love your house btw!

  3. Amy,

    Your blog is wonderful; superbly organized, informative, dryly but honestly humorous and reflects the care with which you created it. It’s the work of a polished professional. Well done. Your wedding was an extra. I admire your choice of style and presentation. Seeing you in a dress was another extra. Bravo. You looked terrific. Better yet, you look happy. Congrats again. I’ll be tuning in now and again watching your progress. May your marriage last a thousand years (or maybe a hundred or so).

    Uncle Dan

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