The Chair is Back

This old chair is new again.  The upholstery guy just dropped off the finished product yesterday, and it turned out beautifully.  And that sweet little IKEA sheepskin looks just awesome on there.  I’m in love with it.

The chair was originally a hand-me-down, and it had seen better days.  So in the spirit of recycling and saving money, re-upholstery was the way to go.  Let’s get a little before and after action.



The guy I found to do the job let me select my own fabric, and I went with this one.  I spent way too long agonizing over this decision, and by the time I settled on this one it was sold out at  I ended up spending $80 on the fabric from another site, which is more than I intended to spend.  But with the total upholstery cost at $180,  the grand total was still only $260 for essentially a brand new chair.  I can live with that number.

I’m happy with my fabric selection, although it does sort of look like veins or capillaries which is kind of gross.  But from a distance it’s almost like a solid color though.  And the upholstery job was done impeccably.  It’s really good work.  The lining fabric and even the cover over the very bottom of the chair were replaced.  And all of the piping and pleats look superb.

The cushion has a zipper in the back so the cover can be removed.  And he sewed me some little arm-rest covers with the extra fabric.  I think the arm covers are a little too granny’s-house, though.  So they’ll probably stay off most of the time.  Plus they cover up the nice pleating detail around the front of each arm rest.

I feel like this chair needs an ottoman real bad.  Not a matchy-matchy ottoman, but something interesting, nice and sturdy so you can really kick your feet up.  I keep blabbing about this knitted one, but in reality I don’t think it will be substantial or tall enough to actually put your feet up.  I’m going to be on the lookout for something that might fit the bill and not break the bank.


6 thoughts on “The Chair is Back

  1. The design reminds me of coral branches from the sea, or the plant with the unusual name of kangaroo paws. Your chair looks wonderful!

  2. The knitted ottoman is cool, but I’m all about something with extra storage. We got a cheapo one at Target and it has actually become John’s favorite “chair” (which is sort of annoying, IMO)

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